Our experts and partners that financially supports Borneo Conservancy activities comes from various background and expertise. We do not raise funds by getting donations from the public, companies or from the government. Our funds comes from partners and friends that engaged Borneo Conservancy’s experts and partners services, this services include;


  1. Consultancy  – in the field and matters relating to Economics, Business Development, Branding, Public Relation , Advocacy, Marine Conservation, Ecotourism , Community Engagement, Industry / Stakeholder Mediation , among many others.
  2. Borneo Fixers – Our team of local fixers in Borneo is passionate about our environment, we have assist various local and international Film Production House. our specialty is Borneo Island , Marine and Land.  We are here  to help you with  logistics, translation, location , casting, permits, engagement, and crew sourcing. We are the backbone for any production house that we work with.


If you wish to support our SOCIAL and Environmental Initiatives,  “Dont Donate, Ask us how we can be of your service”.

To know more of our past assignments , feel free to get in touch with us.