Who We Are

Borneo Conservancy is made up of friends that decided to come together to overcome social and environment issues that is close at heart. They come from various background, experts in their own field, independent and well networked.

The formation was led by Daniel Doughty with goals to gather friends of expert under one roof yet they remain independent. Today, Borneo Conservancy stays as a social enterprise and is not registered as an association.

Our volunteers and friends of expert experiences are broad, we are well-rooted in our values, we are passionate in what we do, and our conviction is real. Collectively, bringing depth and insight in keeping our work alive.

Our work is made possible through the support and participation of individuals, local & international universities, environmental & social groups and as well as local communities.


Borneo Conservancy does not go on donation to remain afloat, we partners with local and international enterprises that share the same values by offering our SERVICES, thus generate funds  to venture more in creating effective and scalable solutions in making positive social and environmental change.

We emphasize in working with passionate people who uphold our values to create sustainable opportunities for a better Borneo.

We are small in number, but never doubt that a small group of people can make a change. Being thoughtful, efficient, and committed in our work, we will drive the change in Borneo.

We strive to:

  • Build capacity for tomorrow, in the young of today.
  • Work to showcase a model for landscape conservation and the building of resilient ecosystems.
  • Collaborate with local Communities, industries and government to work towards co-existence and sustainability  
  • Participate in Collaborative management with grass-root initiatives.
  • Conduct Analytical Research and produce long term solutions