Community Protocol

Titled as Sabah BioCultural Law Project, this project aims to explore the linkages between biodiversity, communities, and traditional knowledge. Communities have important traditional knowledge and customary practices for sustainably using natural resources. However, there are many different laws and policies that affect how communities can use the land, where they can cultivate paddy, and how they share resources and knowledge. Some laws and policies contain rights for communities. Communities can use these rights to help protect their resources, knowledge, cultures, and the environment, including in collaboration with other stakeholders such as government and NGOs.

The project will be undertaken in partnership with Natural Justice and Sabah Biodiversity Centre and will focus on the cluster of Dusun communities living around Kampung Melangkap. Kampung Melangkap consists of five kampungs namely Melangkap Baru, Melangkap Kapa, Melangkap Neriou, Melangkap Tiong and Melangkap Tomis, each with a distinct customary and administrative unit.


This project hopes to create innovative ways of engaging with laws towards protecting the communities’ biological and cultural diversity.


*This project received funding from GEF – Small Grants Programme